Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Me and KG

KG being Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus. Apparently there's some basketball player who goes by KG too, these crazy kids and their nick names today. He has a weekley chat on BP and he apparently loves me because I got a shit ton of questions answered(a shit ton meaning 3). 99 percent of my questions will revolve around the Rays, so remember that.

Jules (TheStatPack): Assuming the Rays get the first pick in the '08 draft do they go with Alvarez or Smoak? Or will there be another player emerge during the season to unseat those two?

Kevin Goldstein: We still have a wholecollege and high school year for this to pan out, so yes, there are PLENTY of guys who could overtake Alvarez with a big year. I like Smoak, but I'm not HUGE on him -- taking a first base only guy with a top three pick would scare me a little bit.

Jules (TheStatPack): I e-mailedCarroll about this but he said he doesn't really watch minor league pitchers, so he directed me to you. Chris Mason won the Southern League Cy Young but isn't considered a top pitching prospect. What are the factors holding him back? Is it his delivery?

Kevin Goldstein: He's a fine prospect, just not in the Davis/McGee/Price group. He's more a guy with avg stuff and really good command than some kind of dominating force. I think he's a solid back rotation guy, and that's certainly worth something.

Jules (TheStatPack): So what's with you skipping out on the Ballpark Feeds at the Trop this year? First it was just Carroll, then Sheehan AND Carroll. Where's our dose of the KG?

Kevin Goldstein: They keep me in a cage here with a laptop and a cell phone. Every once in a while they open the door,ask me about some Double-A pitcher, gimme a cookie and lock me back in. Sad, really.


Tommy Vercetti said...

As for me I got the Big Squadoosh on Kevin Goldstein questions I think I was like 0-4. Oh well maybe next week.