Saturday, September 29, 2007

Storm brewing at the Trop?

For the second time in the past 2 days a Rays player is voicing his displeasure with Tampa Bay Rays management. This time Delmon Young is upset with Manager Joe Maddon for pulling him out of the game against the Jays for not running out a ground ball.

From The St. Petersburg Times

Maddon had talked to Young about this issue before, and said after the game: "That was a blatant disrespect for the game and what we’re about. I’ve had several conversations regarding that, and that was it. ... For us, for the Rays, we're going to run hard to first.''

Young said he wasn't the only one "doing it" and didn't think it was right that he was singled out. "So, I’ll see you guys next year,'' he said as he walked out of the clubhouse. "I’m shut down tomorrow.’’

This comes a day after The Times ran a story about Ace Scott Kazmir voicing his opinion on the lack effort by the front office to signing more veteran players to help the young team. When asked about re-signing with the Rays Kaz said "I’m interested to hear what they have to say;'' said Kazmir, who is property of the Rays for the next three seasons. "Let's see what happens."

As a Rays fan this is the last type of thing you want to see at the end of what already has been a very disappointing season. Kazmir & Young 2 cornerstones of the franchise are already showing a frustration with management. However, in Delmon's situation I agree with Maddon's decision. Every player should play hard all the time regardless of team record, score, or "Im not the only one doing in". Maddon said this wasn't the first time he's had this conversation so he had to do something to send a message to Delmon. Wow I agree with a Joe Maddon decision thank god the season is almost over.

In Kaz's case you have to agree with him the organization failed to make a splash last off season and have already said they will only raise a 34-Million dollar payroll about 20% percent this off season

Jet Fan Suits Patriots for 184 Million

The Boston Herald
is reporting that Carl Mayer of New Jersey is suing the New England Patriots because “They violated the integrity of the game,” said Mayer’s attorney, Bruce Afran. “This is a way of punishing Belichick and the Patriots.”

If he's suing the Pats for 184 Million I wonder why he hasn't sued Rich Kotite for going 4-28 over the 95 & 96 Seasons

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mike Tyson Stops Horse

Mike Tyson has was hungry. Tyson, attending the Oklahoma State Fair, is being called a hero after stopping a stampeding horse by biting it's ear. "If you bite a horse's ear, he's not going to move anywhere. He is going to stand still, lay still, and everybody did what they had to do," he said. Why Tyson was at the fair in the first place was not mentioned in the article.

...Ok so the Tyson part isn't real, but who bites a horse, seriously.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Me and KG

KG being Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus. Apparently there's some basketball player who goes by KG too, these crazy kids and their nick names today. He has a weekley chat on BP and he apparently loves me because I got a shit ton of questions answered(a shit ton meaning 3). 99 percent of my questions will revolve around the Rays, so remember that.

Jules (TheStatPack): Assuming the Rays get the first pick in the '08 draft do they go with Alvarez or Smoak? Or will there be another player emerge during the season to unseat those two?

Kevin Goldstein: We still have a wholecollege and high school year for this to pan out, so yes, there are PLENTY of guys who could overtake Alvarez with a big year. I like Smoak, but I'm not HUGE on him -- taking a first base only guy with a top three pick would scare me a little bit.

Jules (TheStatPack): I e-mailedCarroll about this but he said he doesn't really watch minor league pitchers, so he directed me to you. Chris Mason won the Southern League Cy Young but isn't considered a top pitching prospect. What are the factors holding him back? Is it his delivery?

Kevin Goldstein: He's a fine prospect, just not in the Davis/McGee/Price group. He's more a guy with avg stuff and really good command than some kind of dominating force. I think he's a solid back rotation guy, and that's certainly worth something.

Jules (TheStatPack): So what's with you skipping out on the Ballpark Feeds at the Trop this year? First it was just Carroll, then Sheehan AND Carroll. Where's our dose of the KG?

Kevin Goldstein: They keep me in a cage here with a laptop and a cell phone. Every once in a while they open the door,ask me about some Double-A pitcher, gimme a cookie and lock me back in. Sad, really.

Carl Crawford shut down

According to Left Fielder Carl Crawford has been shut down for the season. It's disappointing news for Crawford who wanted to win the AL stolen base crown; he leads Brian Roberts of Baltimore by two steals. He also wanted to get 1,000 career hits out of the way this season, coming up just 10 short.

That's also bad news for you fantasy players who are in championsip contention...which doesn't include me so I don't really care.

More Shilling to Rays Talk

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal recently did an interview with hometown boy and Rays Stud SP James Shields. Here is an interesting quote from James on a conversation he had with Curt Shilling.

"I went to the gym and I was kind of messing with him," Shields says. "I said, 'So you're looking to come over here and be the ace? He says, 'Yeah, you know, I wouldn't mind coming over here."

Is Shilling just using this to better his negotiating position with the Sox? Or is it a possiblilty that he's in a New Rays uniform next year?

Griese to Start for Bears has reported Brian Griese will be the Bears starting Quarterback this sunday.

After watching the game Sunday this is a no-brainer at this point. Grossman has zero confidence in himself, and it looked like the team had zero confidence in him. They have a Super Bowl caliber D. If they were average on offense they could probably get back to NFC championship game at worst. Can Brian Griese be to the Bears what Trent Dilfer was to the Ravens in 2000? We'll see...

Another thing that pops in my head with this story is, When will the Bears make the move for a "franchise quarterback"? Just take a quick look at some of the guys who have played Quarterback for Chicago over the past 10 years:

Erik Kramer
Rick Mirer
Moses Moreno
Dave Krieg
Cade McNown
Jim Miller
Shane Matthews
Craig Krenzel
Kordell Stewart
Chris Chandler
Chad Hutchinson
Jonathan Quinn
Kyle Orton
Henry Burris
Rex Grossman

You can argue that McNown and Grossman were 1st round picks chosen to be franchise quarterbacks but the rest are cast-offs from other teams or career backups. Maybe it's time for Jerry Angelo to make a play next offseason for a real franchise quarterback...Donovan McNabb anyone?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clemens scratched from Start

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting Roger Clemens has been scratched from his start tonight against the Rays. Kei Igawa will get the ball instead.

Clemens has made just 1 start since Sept. 3. If he doesn't get out there before the end of the season I can't see the Yankees putting him on the Divional Series Playoff Roster

BP Chat Wrap 9/25/07

One of the things I love to do is chat with the writers over at Baseball Prospectus Here is a recap of my questions to Marc Normandin in todays chat

Tommy (The Trop): Looking at the lack of young talent in current FA market for Starting Pitchers for 08, could you see the Rays making a trade involving a major piece like Crawford in order to get a good young starter in return?

Marc Normandin: Now that Baldelli is potentially out of the picture, do you think they can afford to? I feel like this Crawford-for-Uber Starter deal has been mentioned since he came up.

Tommy (The Trop): You don't think Longoria will make the Rays out of spring training?

Marc Normandin: I just got assaulted by Rays fans, which is kind of nice to see. See above: I gave projections for both levels, on the basis that I would put him in Triple-A to start the year.

The reason I brought up the Crawford question is he's the most common named thrown around for the Rays and I was wondering what he thought Crawford would bring in return.

The Longoria question was in reference to a previous question where Marc eluded to thinking Evan would be called up in August. I can't see the Rays waiting until August with Longoria and I expect him to have a real legit shot to make the team out of Spring Training this year with Aki Iwamura moving to 2B

Hot Wives

During Will Carroll's recent chat over at BP I asked him who he thought had the hottest wife in is what Will said

Tommy (The Trop): Podsednik's wife hottest in baseball?

Will Carroll: My hotness standards have become really skewed over the last year, but I'd say no. Aaron Boone still considered "in baseball?"

As for the rest of sports Im going with UF Quarterback Tim Tebow's unconfirmed "girlfriend"

Or Maybe Adam Archuleta's wife

Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome To The Stat Pack

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