Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BP Chat Wrap 9/25/07

One of the things I love to do is chat with the writers over at Baseball Prospectus Here is a recap of my questions to Marc Normandin in todays chat

Tommy (The Trop): Looking at the lack of young talent in current FA market for Starting Pitchers for 08, could you see the Rays making a trade involving a major piece like Crawford in order to get a good young starter in return?

Marc Normandin: Now that Baldelli is potentially out of the picture, do you think they can afford to? I feel like this Crawford-for-Uber Starter deal has been mentioned since he came up.

Tommy (The Trop): You don't think Longoria will make the Rays out of spring training?

Marc Normandin: I just got assaulted by Rays fans, which is kind of nice to see. See above: I gave projections for both levels, on the basis that I would put him in Triple-A to start the year.

The reason I brought up the Crawford question is he's the most common named thrown around for the Rays and I was wondering what he thought Crawford would bring in return.

The Longoria question was in reference to a previous question where Marc eluded to thinking Evan would be called up in August. I can't see the Rays waiting until August with Longoria and I expect him to have a real legit shot to make the team out of Spring Training this year with Aki Iwamura moving to 2B