Saturday, September 29, 2007

Storm brewing at the Trop?

For the second time in the past 2 days a Rays player is voicing his displeasure with Tampa Bay Rays management. This time Delmon Young is upset with Manager Joe Maddon for pulling him out of the game against the Jays for not running out a ground ball.

From The St. Petersburg Times

Maddon had talked to Young about this issue before, and said after the game: "That was a blatant disrespect for the game and what we’re about. I’ve had several conversations regarding that, and that was it. ... For us, for the Rays, we're going to run hard to first.''

Young said he wasn't the only one "doing it" and didn't think it was right that he was singled out. "So, I’ll see you guys next year,'' he said as he walked out of the clubhouse. "I’m shut down tomorrow.’’

This comes a day after The Times ran a story about Ace Scott Kazmir voicing his opinion on the lack effort by the front office to signing more veteran players to help the young team. When asked about re-signing with the Rays Kaz said "I’m interested to hear what they have to say;'' said Kazmir, who is property of the Rays for the next three seasons. "Let's see what happens."

As a Rays fan this is the last type of thing you want to see at the end of what already has been a very disappointing season. Kazmir & Young 2 cornerstones of the franchise are already showing a frustration with management. However, in Delmon's situation I agree with Maddon's decision. Every player should play hard all the time regardless of team record, score, or "Im not the only one doing in". Maddon said this wasn't the first time he's had this conversation so he had to do something to send a message to Delmon. Wow I agree with a Joe Maddon decision thank god the season is almost over.

In Kaz's case you have to agree with him the organization failed to make a splash last off season and have already said they will only raise a 34-Million dollar payroll about 20% percent this off season