Thursday, January 3, 2008

Parcells names Ireland General Manager, Other Teams fire coaches

As we first speculated here at TSP, Bill Parcells has named Cowboys Executive Jeff Ireland General Manager of the Miami Dolphins. "I am excited about joining the Dolphins," Ireland said in a statement. "I know the great tradition of the team, and in my mind they are one of the flagship franchises in the NFL. They have a great owner in Wayne Huizenga, who I know is committed to making the Dolphins into winners once again. I am looking forward to working with him and everyone else in Miami to achieve that goal." The genius that is Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips added this gem of a comment "The promotion, I think, was the key thing. I don't think he was going to be moved up to general manager here," Phillips said to laughter. Obviously Phillips is referring to the fact that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is also the Cowboys GM and the only way he's leaving that job is when he's dead and even then his ghost will still run the team.

Also, yesterday a few NFL teams fired some key assistants some coaches now looking for work are:

Mike Martz
Chuck Bresnahan
Ricky Hunley
Rob Ryan(believed to be fired soon and taking D-Coordinator Position with the Jets)