Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Colt Brennan or Tim Tebow? June Jones may want to rethink his comments.

After last night's rout by Georgia, I'm wondering if June Jones would care to take back this statement "My quarterback has been labeled a 'system quarterback' for three years," Jones said. "He is the best passer in college history. He is. There is no question about it. Tim Tebow is in a system."

On the biggest stage in his college career, Colt Brennan turned in his worst performance of the year. Not surprisingly it came against the best team he's faced all year. If Tim Tebow is a "system quarterback" than Colt Brennan is a "conference quarterback." Think about it this way, could Tebow put up the same or better numbers as Brennan against competition such as Northern Colorado and Louisiana Tech? Sure he could, Tebow probably would have even better numbers than Brennan if he was going against the WAC. Now think about it this way, would Brennan put up Tebow numbers in the SEC? I dont think so. Last night Brennan proved my theory right. Big gaudy numbers at Hawaii does not make you a great quaterback. Just ask Timmy Chang how his NFL career is coming along. It's great for the record books, but going against Charleston Southern isn't going to get you ready for the NFL. Hopefully the next time June Jones wants to label somebody else's QB something he will think about last night's performance.


Anonymous said...

Though you make some interesting points, and point you forgot to mention is a quarterbacks statistical numbers are predicated on how well their protected by their offensive line.

Both are great quarterbacks, but Hawaii's line was clearly outmatched by Georgia's size and speed. Tebow could barely get anything off either in his game as well for the same reason.

I don't think Tebow could have made the same type of comeback as Brennan did throughout the season. He didn't just do it once, he did it numerous times which was quite impressive. Brennan threw for over 400 yards in just ONE HALF. It doesn't matter who you play or what conference you're from, at a D-1 Level that's impressive.