Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boras Effect Over??

Scott Boras has made a name for himself by getting his clients the biggest deals and the most money, but has it gone to his head? Boras threatened the Yankees that ARod would opt out of his deal unless they gave him a big raise because in his words ARod was worth 30 million a year at least. Boras was a man of his word and ARod opted out, but he is not going to get 30 million and the only team interested is the Yankees. Further, the Yankees are only interested without Boras being around and ARod has obliged them.

ARod is not Boras’ only problem at the moment either. Kenny Rogers fired Boras recently to negotiate his own contract; much like Andruw Jones did a couple of years ago. Speaking of Jones, he has not gotten as much interest as Boras told him he would and rumors are going around that Jones may dump Boras again and have his dad negotiate a new deal. Those two are not the only ones that have done this to Boras; Rocco Baldelli fired Boras a couple of years ago and decided to represent himself in contract negotiations. Clients are getting angry with Boras because he cannot deliver on what he promised them, and in the meantime has made them look worse in the public eye. It was Boras’ idea for ARod to opt out during game 4 of the World Series, which caused an uproar from many baseball fans.

These clients are not the only ones that have problems with something Boras has done. The Red Sox recently came out and said that they did not get the windfall of advertising and merchandising with Dice K that they were promised by Boras. Boras promised the Sox not only a great player on the field, but certain things off the field that have not come through. Boras still has big time clients and he will tell you that he is not worried about what is going on. It seems that Boras may need to be worried because teams are refusing not only to not talk with Boras clients, but if they talk they want Boras no where around.

Boras was once thought of as a super agent that can get you whatever you wanted. He tried to get the Red Sox to almost double what they paid for Dice K, but they wouldn’t and no one was willing to come close and he had to come down. He overestimated his bargaining power with ARod and may have overestimated the response by owners as well. Fans are getting tired of athletes that try to act bigger than the game and the owners know that. The owners are letting Boras make his clients look bad so that his creditability will go down. So far the owners plans are working, but don’t count Boras out, he is never down for long.