Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekly Chats

Another addition of chatting with The Stat Pack. More MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NASCAR talk this week. Chatters include Jayson Stark, J.A. Adande, Terry Blount, Jeremy Green, Steve Muench, John Seibel & Matt Williamson

First up a little Rays talk that caught Stark off guard

Tommy(TheStatPack): With Longoria, Niemann and possibly Price & Mcgee or Davis coming up by the end of the season can the Rays seriously take some strides next year and contend by 09?

Jayson Stark: (1:14 PM ET ) Boy, can't even remember the last Rays question in one of these chats. Way to go. I don't know about '09. I could see them being respectable by then. But I would have to see some major progress next year to believe they can contend by then. I think 2010 is the watch-out-for-the-Rays target date. So hang in there!

Jules(TheStatPack): I keep hearing rumors of Carl Crawford getting moved. Are the Rays listening to offers? And if so, what teams would be interested?

Jayson Stark: (1:24 PM ET ) We've set a record. Two Rays questions in one chat. We should win a grouper sandwich or something. I don't see the Rays' stance on Crawford changing. They would listen on him or just about anybody. But to give up a guy like Crawford, they would need at least three sure-thing players back, and one of them would have to be, basically, a star already. Think Cole Hamels. Or Fausto Carmona. Someone like that. In other words, he's technically "available," but he's not going anywhere.

Here Tommy lays the ground work for a Around The Horn appearance as he and J.A. Adande debate Seattle Vs. Oklahoma City

Tommy(TheStatPack): Is it true Britney Spears tried to get into the lounge and she was denied at the door?

J.A. Adande: (3:06 PM ET ) Britney would have to pass multiple drug tests before we allowed her in the Lounge. If she's clean, we do have babysitting services to keep an eye on the kids. But you know who's in the Lounge lately? Kim Kardashian, baby

Tommy(TheStatPack): JA what the hell kinda costume was that? You gotta admit Mariotti's idea was brilliant

J.A. Adande: (3:18 PM ET ) You have to realize, I don't like Halloween. As a kid, I resented the fact that it took attention from my birthday (Oct. 25). As an adult, I hate the idea of putting on a costume. And I really didn't appreciate all of those kids knocking on my door and sticking bags in my face while I was trying to watch the games on Wednesday. So, no, I didn't put much thought or effort into my costume. And it's not like Marriotti's costume took a lot of work. He just grabbed a hoodie and snipped the sleeves. But he executed it brilliantly, right down to the impersonation. I still liked his Bartman a few years ago. That was one of the great moments in ATH history

Tommy(TheStatPack): Hey JA whats so great about Seattle? Starbucks & Rain...OK Citys is where National Softball HOF & Museum, Frontier City & Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse

J.A. Adande: (4:11 PM ET ) Can OK City give you a fresh plate of Copper River salmon while dining at Cutters and looking out over Puget Sound? Can it give you the view of Mt. Rainier from the Space Needle on a clear day? Wild Ginger? Not to mention decades of NBA tradition, including a championship? Sell the team to people who will keep it in Seattle!!!!!

Up Next some NASCAR with Terry Blount

Tommy(TheStatPack): Does Hendricks continue their New England Patriot like run this week?

Terry Blount: (3:24 PM ET ) Judging from the first practice today, I would say yes. Gordon topped the speed chart and Johnson was fourth.

Tommy(TheStatPack): What does NASCAR going to do about the competitive imbalance that we are seeing?

Terry Blount: (3:37 PM ET ) They hope the COT will help chane that, but I haven't seen it happen yet.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Does JJ Get HOF Racing and the 96 into victory lane next year?

Terry Blount: (3:54 PM ET ) I'd say the chances of that are slim and none. If he can't get the 18 to Victory Lane, how can he get a weaker car there?

Tommy(TheStatPack): Who will win ROY next year?

Terry Blount: (4:04 PM ET ) Tough question, but I';ll go with Franchitti.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Realistically how much longer will guys like Jeff Gordon & Tony Stewart be on top 7-10 years?

Terry Blount: (4:07 PM ET ) Less than that for both. They don't want to race that long and they don't need the money.

On to the NFL & College Football

Tommy(TheStatPack): What do you think about the Romo deal? The length and $ seem to be perfect to me

Jeremy Green: (4:07 PM ET ) I love the deal for both parties. Even though Romo is a little loose with the ball at times he will get better with that as he gets more starts and more experience. He is their future and they made sure they got the deal done... smart move by Dallas.

Tommy(TheStatPack): McNabb to the Bears in 08?

John Seibel: (2:13 PM ET ) considering the current momentum, i don't see donovan coming back next year. that could change, but as of now, i see a lot of changes coming to philly. there's no doubt he would love to play in his hometown chicago. there's equally no doubt the bears would LOVE to have him under center.

Tommy(TheStatPack): How does George Selvie project at the next level he seems undersized to be an everydown DE

Steve Muench: (2:28 PM ET ) It's a good point but at the very least he should emerge as a productive sitautional pass rusher. I also think he COULD move to outside linebacker and develop into an every-down player for a team that runs a lot of 3-4 fronts.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Carson Palmer & Ben Roethlisberger over Tony Romo? The guy has done everything except turn water into wine.

Matt Williamson: He has been great-so has Ben. I love Romo, but he has started like 14 career games. Just want to see it a little longer before putting him right up there with the big boys.

That's all for the chats this week folks, be sure to tune in next week. Same Stat time, same Stat channel.