Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NFL Recap

JAC 24 (5-3) @ NO (4-4) 41

TV: Saints have won 4 in a row and hung 41 on a pretty good Jags defense.

JW: How does Jones-Drew, one of the slowest return men in the league, bring back a 100 yard TD?

WAS (5-3) 23 @ NYJ (1-8) 20

TV: The Jets are bringing in Bubby Brister & Neil O’Donnell for tryouts during the bye week

JW: This game should have been blacked out in all areas of the country.

ARI (3-5) 10 @ TB (5-4) 17

TV: Earnest Graham looking better and better every week, he’s played his way into a permanent role on the team. As bad as the Cards have been the last 3 weeks they are still 1 game out of first in the West.

JW: Being one game out of first in the NFC West isn't something to brag about, seeing as no one is over .500

CIN (2-6) 21 @ BUF (4-4) 33

TV: Marvin Lewis’s ass has begun to burn on the hotseat. Good to hear Ocho Cinco wasn’t seriously injured. I really like the Bills, ever since they almost gave me a heart attack on MNF they’ve won 3 straight.

JW: Adrian Peterson is getting all the pub, and rightfully so, but Marshawn Lynch has been quietly having a great rookie season.

SD (4-4) 17 @ MIN (3-5) 35

TV: Marty continues to laugh while he sits on the couch and watches AJ Smith & Norv Turner sqirm. And Minnesota doesn’t need a QB, Adrian Peterson should just take direct snaps all game.

JW: I don't have much to add except Phillip Rivers has looked terrible lately.

SF (2-6) 16 @ ATL (2-6) 20

TV: The Anti Colts-Patriots match up. Alex Smith & Joey Harrington combine for 287 yards…exciting.

JW: The Pats have the Niners first round pick. Enough said.

DEN (3-5) 7 @ DET (6-2) 44

TV: Jon Kitna should replace Lebron James in the Nike Believer campaign…I am a believer

JW: When's the last time we've seen a Denver team this bad?

GB (7-1) 33 @ KC (4-4) 22

TV: I don’t ever think I’ve seen a more quiet 7-1 team than the Packers. On the other hand Kansas City still maintains a share of 1st place

JW: Way to cover Greg Jennings with a linebacker Chiefs.

CAR (4-4) 7 @ TEN (6-2) 20

TV: Vince Young just wins games…ugly but still wins

JW: Vince Young is on the field when the Titans win, LenDale White has been carrying the Titans.

SEA (4-4) 30 @ CLE (5-3) 33

TV: Cleveland continues to ruin Dallas’s other 1st round pick by winning games they shouldn’t. Maybe the Browns should think of trading Quinn instead of Anderson

JW: The Browns have scored more points than the Niners and Rams combined.

NE (9-0) 24 @ IND (7-1) 20

TV: 9-0 enough said

JW: 18 different players have scored a TD for the Pats this year. I'm not making that up.

HOU (4-5) 24 @ OAK (2-6) 17

TV: And the leading passers and rushers from this game. Sage Rosenfels & Ron Dayne for HOU, Josh McCown & Justin Fargas for OAK. Good thing nobody saw this game.

JW: Andre Johnson continues to disappoint fantasy owners.

DAL (7-1) 38 @ PHI (3-5) 17

TV: Anyone else think McNabb would like to take back his “the NFC East runs through Philly comment” . The Cowboys just ran through the Eagles.

JW: I see McNabb on the Bears next season.

BAL (4-4) 7 @ PIT (6-2) 38

TV: Kinda strange to see Bill Cowher on the Steelers sidelines joking and playing around

JW: James Harrison has the day of his life. Wow.