Friday, November 9, 2007

New Look New Results?

Hopefully the changing of the Rays colors and uniforms will have the safe effect as it did for the '97 and '98 Denver Broncos...Ok maybe not but one can hope. The Rays unveiled their new look Thursday in downtown St. Petersburg. They even got Kevin "The only good roles I've had are baseball players" Costner and his band to play a concert for the event. I'm one of the people that liked the old uniforms, but I was never a fan of the name "Devil Rays". The new uniforms are ok, I wish they didn't have that starburst on them, and I like the name "Rays". For the past couple of years no one in town ever called them the Devil Rays anyway, it was always just Rays. I hope these chanes indicate a new beginning for this young team, '09-'10 can't come soon enough. Here are some pictures.