Monday, November 26, 2007


Flu, bronchitis, Thanksgiving... pick your choice but we've been away. Have no fear we are back now with a brand new chat wrap. Jonah Keri, Jim Callis, Ryen Russillo, David Newton, Terry Blount, Marcellus Wiley, Jeremy Green, Boxer Champion Floyd Mayweather, Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg from Mike & Mike in the morning are all in this weeks wrap up. Topics ranges from New Stadiums to Grandma Vilma

Some Great Rays talk with Jonah Keri & Jim Callis. Also a quick question about David Wright and the NL MVP award

Tommy(TheStatPack): Baseball saw an increase of almost 18 million fans during the steroid era. How is that a bad thing?

Jonah Keri: (1:16 PM ET ) And revenue just topped $6 billion, meaning baseball just passed football as the #1 sports cash cow. Speaking of football, you know a huge number of NFL players are juicing too, and that sports is more popular than ever. Better quality of product goes a long way toward enhancing fan entertainment. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but from both a fan entertainment and a business standpoint, it's win-win when the BALCOs of the world get involved.

Tommy(TheStatPack): If I'm planning a road trip what 3 stadiums are a must see? and where do I eat in each of the 3 cities?

Jonah Keri: (2:38 PM ET ) I haven't been to PNC yet, but everyone I know raves about it, and many rate it #1. So if you wanted to keep the trip vaguely regional and theoretically drivable, you could start at Wrigley, then PNC, then hoof it to Jacobs Field. Just make sure you sit in the bleachers in Wrigley. First time I went there, I sat in what would normally be great seats, 1st side, 15 rows over the dugout. Game was fun, but not the huge exprience I was expecting. Second time I went to Wrigley, I sat in the LF bleachers, and Gregg Jefferies, at the tail of his career, was the LF. Most fun I've ever had at a ballpark that didn't involve the Expos.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Do you think the Rays waterfront stadium get done?

Jonah Keri: (1:32 PM ET ) I REALLY, REALLY hope so, Tommy. The Rays have an exciting collection of talent, their front office is full of brilliant, young talent...all that's missing is a powerful new revenue source to move them up an income bracket o two. There's enough in house that they wouldn't need to approach the Yankees' and Red sox's revenue levels to be a championship contender. The Brewers' or Tigers' revenue base would be plenty.

Great location for the park proposal too btw. I had a great time last time I went to the Trop Dome, but building an AT&T Park replica could be a franchise changing move.

Tommy(TheStatPack): What are the White Sox asking for Uribe? Would he be a possibility for the Rays as a stop gap for Brignac?

Jim Callis: (2:23 PM ET ) Uribe shouldn't cost much. A B-level prospect would suffice. I've heard that Devil Rays rumor.

Tommy(TheStatPack):Wright should have been the MVP

Ryen Russillo: (2:30 PM ET ) The MVP has become the best player on a playoff team, never have agreed with that, if a guy hits 100 HR and his team doesn't make the playoffs, why is he eliminated?

NASCAR & Seinfeld with 2 of the best best David Newton & Terry Blount

Tommy(TheStatPack): Where have you been? They've been throwing Terry Blount as us twice a week

David Newton: (3:31 PM ET ) I took the weekend of the Texas race off, so they gave me a break then. Last week I had to chase news, so Terry graciously stepped in. Nice to be missed though.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Terry did a good job but I dont think he's a seinfeld fan

David Newton: (3:34 PM ET ) Actually, he is. What are you talking about?

Tommy(TheStatPack):I'll be damned. 2 Questions How come A-Rod gets 275 million dollars for playing baseball & Have you ever been called Schmoopie?

David Newton: (3:37 PM ET ) He can because they are willing to pay and no.

Tommy(TheStatPack): 38 minutes in and not one Danica mention. The chat is not complete if her name isn't mentioned

David Newton: (3:39 PM ET ) OK, not it's been mentioned. Happy?

Tommy(TheStatPack): Could Jimmie Johnson win as Carolina Panthers QB?

David Newton: (3:47 PM ET ) Only if Jimmy Johnson coached him.

Tommy(TheStatPack):Do you think Jimmie Johnson has to pay for stuff when he goes to Lowe's stores?

Terry Blount: (2:18 PM ET ) Not unless he's goes in a Tony Stewart Halloween costume.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Newton mentioned you were a Seinfeld fan. Off the top of your head which is your favorite episode?

Terry Blount: (2:24 PM ET ) The one where a girl's name rhymes with a body part, but they can't remember it.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Wouldn't Danica in Playboy give the IRL better visibility?

Terry Blount: (2:55 PM ET ) In more ways than one.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Your a good man TB. Enjoy your week or two of "offseason" before Daytona talk starts.

Terry Blount: (3:03 PM ET ) Thanks Tommy. I want to say thanks to everyone who participated in the chats this season. It's been an honor for me to banter with you guys. We have some very knowledgeble folks on these chats. We plan to continue to do at least one chat a week in the off season. For now, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and a blessed holiday season. All the best. Peace

NFL & Thanksgiving talk with Marcellus Wiley & Jeremy Green. Marcellus is DAT DUDE

Tommy(TheStatPack): Dat Dude, TO or Randy Moss?

Marcellus Wiley: (2:46 PM ET ) TO is the most dynamic hard working receiver in the game. The toughest to cover play to play. Randy Moss is the most freakish, gift from God at the WR position that's probably ever played. You pick your poison. They're both going to get their 4 TDs, their 150 yards. Randy looks like he's not going to break a sweat doing it. TO is going to give you everything he's got, including popcorn. If I HAD to pick one, it's TO.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Excellent answer. Also T.O. will go over the middle and block making him a more complete WR. Who does the cooking at the Dat Dude Manor on thanksgiving?

Marcellus Wiley: (2:52 PM ET ) My grandma. Grandma Vilma. She probably started cooking right around Easter for Thanksgiving. She's that pumped. I actually won, we used to call it the Turkey Man Award, which is giving to the player who gains the most weight from Thanksgiving. Hugh Douglas won one year and I took his title.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Im trying to beat my father-in law and brother-in law this year in eating. What should I go for first the turkey or the side dishes?

Marcellus Wiley: (2:56 PM ET ) Definitely the side dishes. You start with the side dishes. Then you pile on the ham and turkey at the end. Then you eat the ham next. Follow it up and cover up the turkey with desert. Then you eat the desert. You eat the turkey last, because it's going to make you fall asleep. Tell your dad to eat the turkey. Take your trophy and then win and fall asleep.

Tommy(TheStatPack): The Boys play 3 games in 11 days what will their record in those games be?

Jeremy Green: (4:23 PM ET ) I think they have a very good chance to go 3-0. Offensively, they have a top 3 offense in the NFL. They get better on defense every week. They get Green Bay on a short week is very beneficial to them. Then traveling to Detroit, I think Dallas is the better team. Dallas is a serious threat in the Super Bowl, even if it's the Patriots they play for the second time.

Finally, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather & Mike and Mike

Tommy(TheStatPack): After you win next month is it Mayweather vs Cotto?

Floyd Mayweather: (3:18 PM ET ) My focus is solely on Ricky Hatton. I'm not thinking of any other fighter other than Ricky Hatton.

Tommy(TheStatPack): Is Rose the best pure PG we've seen since Chris Paul?

Mike Golic: (10:58 AM ET ) It's certainly possible. He's just not looking to shoot the ball. If he was on a team that didn't have a lot of people coming back and was looking for a team to take charge, you could see some great stats out of the guy. But he has veteran players there. He can set the table. It can show up in assists and other things that don't show up in the box score.

Mike Greenberg: (10:59 AM ET ) I look forward to seeing the kid play. I thought the best PG in the country was Mike Conley Jr. last year and he stepped right in.

That's all for the chats this week folks, be sure to tune in next week. Same Stat time, same Stat channel.