Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bill Parcells Headed to Miami Dolphins? Parcells backs out of Falcons deal.

It is now being reported that Bill Parcells has turned down the Atlanta Falcons offer and has his sights set on the Miami Dolphins. Talk about terrible luck. look no further than Falcons Owner Arthur Blank. First Michael Vick, then Bobby Petrino, now Parcells backs out. This is not the first time Parcells has skipped out on a team when they thought a deal was in place. Before taking the Cowboys job many believe Parcells would be the Tampa Bay Bucs coach, but Parcells balked on that job also. We will continue to monitor the Big Tuna's movement. Who know's your team may be next.

I also found this interesting. While looking at the Parcells "coaching tree" I noticed Tom Coughlin was an assistant to Bill Parcells when the Giants won Super Bowl XXV. I then noticed when Coughlin was head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars his QB coach from 1999-2000 and Offensive Coordinator in 2001 was none other than...Bobby Petrino