Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Len Pasquarelli and Pro Bowl Snubs

I was reading Len Pasquarelli's column this morning on Pro Bowl snubs. I agree with alot of the names he mentioned. As I said yesterday we believe Mario Williams, Fred Taylor, and a few Bucs defensive players should have been on the Pro Bowl squads. Another one I could see a case for is Charles Woodson who is enjoying a fine season. Woodson's teammate and fellow corner Al Harris was named to the Pro Bowl, but Woodson has the more impressive numbers. The one argument I have a problem with is Pasquarelli's suggestion of Charles Woodson over Dallas Cowboys CB Terance Newman.

From Pasquarelli's column

Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson, who is enjoying a defensive player of the year kind of season

Woodson, a gifted two-way defender, is having a brilliant year. He supports the run as well as any cornerback in the NFL, has four interceptions and 10 passes defensed, and also returns punts. Terence Newman of Dallas is a superb player, but he missed two full games and four starts because of a knee injury.

Basically, Pasquarelli is saying Newman is fantastic, but he missed two games and four starts and he shouldn't be in the Pro Bowl because of that, and the fact that Woodson has four interceptions and 10 defended passes. As Cowboy defender of the world I had to look deeper into the matter. Woodson has missed one game this year, but started the other 13. Newman has played in 12 games, but only started eight. In less games and playing time than Woodson, Newman has picked off the same amount of passes(4) and has MORE passes defended. Im not arguing that Woodson is having a Pro Bowl season, but so is Terance Newman in fact he's having a better season with less time played.

Len, before you go picking people off the Pro Bowl roster and replacing them with a potential snub make sure that move wouldn't create an ever bigger snub.