Monday, December 3, 2007

Elijah Dukes to Nationals

***UPDATE***The PTBNL is Left handed pitching prospect Glenn Gibson.

***UPDATE***Looks like Dukes has been traded to the Nationals for the ever popular PTBNL. One possibility is Kory Casto a left handed 1B/OF prospect. More to come at a 6 pm press conference

***UPDATE***In the Lastest update to the post that'll never end according to The Rays lost utility infielder Josh Wilson on waivers to the Pirates. The Rays must have taken him off the 40-man roster to make room for an expected addition.

***UPDATE***Also we are hearing from numerous sources that a deal between the Mariners and Rays is in the works involving Edwin Jackson and possibly Ben Broussard.

We've been hearing from our sources as well as that Elijah Dukes has been or will be traded to the Washington Nationals. We've been hearing this rumor for quite some time, but apparently our sources say Jim Bowden has been wanting to pull the trigger on one of his relievers, maybe Jon Rauch? Anyway we will keep you updated on the latest.


Adam Lewis said...

Nice Haul for the Rays in the trade. I am happy to see they got good value for Dukes. I will be sad to see Dukes go, but it is what is best for him and the organization. This team is building an arms dealer.

EricSanSan said...

I agree this is good value in return for a guy that might have had to be cut in the coming weeks.

There is no rush for Gibson, with the depth in our upper levels he can take his time and mature.

I wonder what the Nats are going to do with four outfielders on the roster? Make if five if Nick Johnson comes back and moves Dmitri to the OF as well. Manny Acta has some juggling to do to keep all those egos happy.

Eric SanInocencio

Adam Lewis said...

Don't forget they have Just Maxwell also, who is a going to be good.