Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fuel to my fire

Let The anti Cowboys pro Giants saga continue folks. Here is our latest WTF? from ESPN. Check these quotes from ESPN's Mike Sando

"And when Tony Romo isn't imploding the way he did in Buffalo, the Cowboys can make even a great team like New England work for a victory."

"Romo struggled down the stretch last season. His five-interception performance in Buffalo reminded us that he's still unproven."

Unproven? Lets let the number talk for a minute. In 17 regular-season starts, Romo is 12-5 as a starter. He has thrown for 4,887 yard while throwing 35 touchdown & 22 interceptions. I know he has a lot of turnovers but, even in a game where he threw 5 INTS he still brought his team down the field when it counted and came out a winner. In the other 6 games of the season Romo has posted a QB rating of at least 91.0 averaging a 105.45 with 14 TDs and 4 Ints. Eli Manning on the other hand has the same number of Int's this year (9) with less TD's, less Passing Yards, less Completion %, and the biggest less of all...W's. I guess Eli's the better QB though because he's had a few bad games mixed in with some average ones but, he didnt have one really bad game that his team won anyway.


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