Wednesday, October 3, 2007

MLB Playoff Predictions


Diamondback vs. Cubs

TV: Diamondbacks in 4

JW: Dbacks in 5

Rockies vs. Phillies

TV: Phillies in 3

JW: Phillies in 4


Indians vs Yankees

TV: Yankees in 4

JW: Indians in 4

Angels vs Red Sox

TV: Angels in 5

JW: Sox in 4


TV: Diamondbacks vs Phillies (Diamondbacks in 5)

JW: Dbacks vs Phillies (Phillies in 6)


TV: Angels vs Yankees (Angels in 6)

JW: Sox vs Indians (Indians in 7)

World Series
TV: Diamondbacks vs Angels (Angels in 7)

JW: Indians vs Phillies (Indians in 6)


The Dean-O said...

I made another post, but I'm just going to delete that and post my predictions here. I think the Rockies have to come down to earth sometime and who wouldn't love a Cubs-Red Sox WS?

NLDS: Cubs vs. D-Backs - Cubs in 4
Phillies vs. Rockies - Rockies in 5

ALDS: Indians vs. Yankees - Yankees in 5
Angels vs. Red Sox - Red Sox in 4

NLCS: Cubs vs. Rockies - Cubs in 6

ALCS: Yankees vs. Red Sox - Red Sox in 7

WS: Cubs vs. Red Sox - Red Sox in 5 (Although, I really want to see the Cubs win....)

amalga-mind said...

May want to update your posting now that the Rox still have yet to "Come Down to Earth!" Also that the DBacks are still in it! Props to the Western Division! Go Rockies!

The Dean-O said...

Hahahaha, silly me should know better than to pick the Cubs to win anything. Anyway, I'll eat crow for that, but now I suppose I've got to root for the putrid DBacks in order to save face. To be honest, though, I think the Rockies are a better team than the DBacks. The rest of Arizona's rotation will need to mimic Webb the way it did in the NLDS if they're going to win. That factoid brought to you by the redundancy department.

I'm rooting against my Yankee pick, though. Go Tribe!

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