Monday, October 8, 2007


I wish I had an editor to makeup catchy headlines for my posts, but sadly I AM the editor for this site.

Joe Torre needs to come back from a 2-0 deficit in this series or he gets fired. The Boss is like Willy Wonka at this point, releasing a press statement from time to time. He says "I think we're paying him a lot of money. He's the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don't think we'd take him back if we don't win this series." If he does fire Torre then who does he get to replace him that would make a significant difference? Joe Girardi? Donny Baseball? What if they make the playoffs then get bounced in the first round? Or what if they miss the playoffs all together? Do you fire them? The players on that team love Torre, and I don't think another manager could handle New York any better than Mr. Torre does. Until Torre punches an opposing player like Woody Hayes or decides to bat A-Rod 9th he should stay in New York as long as he wants. That was hard for me to write as a life long Yankee Hater.