Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NFL Recap Week 5

JAC (3-1) 17 @ KC (2-3) 7

TV: Slowly Im becoming a believer in the Jags. They have solid running game to go along with a solid D. Huard left the game with injury. I think its time to start the Croyle era anyway.

JW: Del Rio is looking like a genius for cutting Byron.

CLE (2-3) 17 @ NE (5-0) 34

TV: The Patriots steamroll thru Cleveland on their way to the big showdown in Big D

JW: And the Pats said this was the worst game they had played all season.

CAR (3-2) 16 @ NO (0-4) 13

TV: The David Carr show is in full effect now that Delhomme is done for the season with Tommy John Surgery? Really, TJ surgery in football.

JW: Carr may be out this week as well. Good luck Matt Moore!

NYJ (1-4) 24 @ NYG (3-2) 35

TV: Giants D comes up big again. Pennington feeling the heat in NY but its not his fault Thomas Jones hasn’t shown up yet.

JW: It is his fault that he can't throw the ball 10 yards in the air however.

MIA (0-5) 19 @ HOU (3-2) 22

TV: Kris Brown 5 FG’s and 3 from 50 yards…Waiver Wire Gold

JW: The Texans D is actually coming around.

SEA (3-2) 0 @ PIT (4-1) 21

TV: Pittsburgh dominates one of the top teams in the NFC proving the gap in the 2 conferences. Good Luck to Mack Strong the long time Seattle fullback who retired after being injured in this game.

JW: Pitt won without a handful of starters also. Mack Strong may have had the coolest name in football.

DET (3-2) 3 @ WAS (3-1) 34

TV: Detroit looked like…Detroit. Washington looking better each week.

JW: Kitna needs to start praying more after that game. At least Roy Williams said he is finally starting to tip Pizza delivery men. I'm not making that up.

ATL (1-4) 13 @ TEN (3-1) 20

TV: Not only is Joey Harrington alive but he should have been playing with the game on the line instead of Leftwich who has been there like 2 weeks.

JW: I agree with Bill Simmons on this point, you can't be a great QB and be named Joey. Would Joe Theismen been any good if he went by Joey? I think not.

ARI (3-2) 34 @ STL (0-5) 31

TV: One way to break up the 2 QB system…Break Matt Leinart’s collarbone. WOO HOO Arizona more shots of Kurt Warner’s manly wife

JW: I have nothing to add about the game, but I did break my friend's collarbone when I was a teenager.

TB (3-2) 14 @ IND (5-0) 33

TV: Pats/Cowboys are getting all the headlines but I believe the Colts are the best team in the NFL. Without 4 starters including Harrison, Addai & Bob Sanders they hang 33 on the top scoring defense and allow only 17 rushing yards

JW: It does help when the running backs are Ernest Graham and Michael Pittman who was injured in the early going.

SD (2-3) 41 @ DEN (2-3) 3

TV: Shanahan is suffering from the bad karma he brought on with this whole time-out before game winning field goals

JW: OR Denver isn't very good. They couldn't stop ME running the ball.

BAL (3-2) 9 @ SF (2-3) 7

TV: If a game happens in San Francisco and nobody sees it...did it really happen?

JW: Good to see Trent Dilfer's corpse is doing well.

CHI (2-3) 27 @ GB (4-1) 20

TV: Brian Griese was very efficient in the Bears victory. If they can get that play out of him every week the Pack needs to watch out.

JW: Favre one pick away from a record that may never be broken.

DAL (5-0) 25 @ BUF (1-4) 24

TV: Holy crap where do I start….5 Romo picks 2 for TDs… a Buffalo Kick Return for 103 yards and the Cowboys still win on a Nick Folk 53 yarder (which he had to kick twice since he was Shanahaned). Cudos to the Cowboys D only giving up 3 points and Where was the Cowboys running game last night?

JW: I turned this game off at two seperate times beacuse I thought it was over. If the Cowboys play this bad against the Pats, they're doomed.