Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Save that tuition money....

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of NFL starting QB’s didn’t attend some of the “better” college football programs. So I complied a list of the current starting QB’s and their alma maters. Not on the list….Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU. The only reason Miami is on this list is the ageless wonder Vinny Testaverde (not known if he or Carr will start Sunday). However we do feature heavyweights like Alcorn State, Arkansas State, Alabama State, Eastern Illinois, Central Florida, Central Washington, Northern Iowa, San Jose State and Florida A & M. It's pretty interesting once you actually look at where these guys have come from and now they are starting NFL QB’s for one reason or another.

Trent Edwards-Stanford
Chad Pennington-Marshall
Tom Brady-Michigan
Cleo Lemon-Arkansas State

Ben Rothlisberger-Miami OH
Steve McNair-Alcorn St
Derek Anderson-Oregon St
Carson Palmer-Southern Cal

Peyton Manning-Tennessee
Quinn Gray-Florida A & M
Matt Schaub-Virginia
Vince Young-Texas

Daunte Culpepper-Central Florida
Damon Huard-Washington
Jay Cutler-Vanderbilt
Phillip Rivers-North Carolina State

Tony Romo-Northern Illinois
Donovan McNabb-Syracuse
Eli Manning-Mississippi
Jason Campbell-Auburn

Brian Greise-Michigan
Jon Kitna-Central Washington
Tavaris Jackson-Alabama State
Brett Favre-Southern Mississippi

Jeff Garcia-San Jose State
Vinny Testaverde-Miami
Joey Harrington-Oregon
Drew Brees-Purdue

Marc Bulger-West Virginia
Trent Dilfer-Fresno State
Matt Hasselbeck-Boston College
Kurt Warner-Northern Iowa