Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NFL Recap

STL (0-6) 3 @ BAL (4-2) 22

TV: Kyle Boller leads the Ravens to another ugly victory. Air McNair will be also grounded this week .

JW: McGahee having a good season under the radar.

MIN (2-3) 34 @ CHI (2-4) 31

TV: Adrian Peterson is a monster. Who would the Bucs rather have now him or Gaines Adams?

JW: The Bucs? How about the 6 other teams that passed on him? This kid's been NFL ready since his freshmen year at OU.

TEN 10 @ TB 13

TV: All Matt Bryant does is kick game winning FG’s. The Bucs proving that 30 is really the new 20.

JW: Gaines Adams gets his first career sack because Vince Young fell down in front of him. Congrats Gaines!

MIA 31 @ CLE 41

TV: Derek Anderson is Brady Quinn’s worst nightmare

JW: I think Anderson is going to be trade bait in the offseason.

PHI 16 @ NYJ 9

TV: Could it be Thomas Jones decided to play? Too bad the rest of the team didn’t show up.

JW: Time for a younger Clemens with a better arm to get the ball in NY.

HOU 17 @ JAC 37

TV: Quietly the Jags are one of the hottest teams in the league. Big game this week Monday Night against Indy

JW: Once you get past Jones-Drew their offense is just a bunch of tall receivers who can't catch.

WAS 14 @ GB 17

TV: How long can Brett Favre keep this team on his shoulders without a running game? I hear Dorsey Levens is working out

JW: You're telling me you have no faith in the stud who is DeShawn Wynn?

CIN 20 @ KC 27

TV: Bengals and Saints easily the biggest disappointments of the season to this point

JW: How long until a Bengal player kills Marvin Lewis? I'm betting on it being Chris Henry.

CAR 25 @ ARI 10

TV: Vinny Testaverde 21 straight years with a TD Pass

JW: Jules Winnfield, 21 straight years of being alive.

NE 48 @ DAL 27

TV: Tom Brady spanks the Cowboys like a hot model. What can I say except...they kicked our ass

JW: Our? What's your uniform number on the cowboys?

OAK 14 @ SD 28

TV: 2 straight wins the Chargers look to be they add a really nice WR in Chambers

JW: I still refuse to believe in a team with Norv Turner as Head Coach.

NO 28 @ SEA 17

TV: Reggie Bush showing he can carry the ball 20 times a game but how long can he last?

JW: I'm going to steal this from Matt Berry over at ESPN but "the Diet Pepsi machine is winning so far."

NYG 31 @ ATL 10

TV: Worst Monday night game in a while
JW: Giants with 4 wins in a row and Plex looking like a Pro Bowler.