Tuesday, October 2, 2007

NFL Recap

Week 4 Recap

Houston (2-2) 16 @ Atlanta (1-3) 24

TV: Joey Harrington spoiled the return of Matt Schaub by completing 79.3% of his passes with 2 TDS 0 INTS

JW: Wait Joey Harrington’s Alive?

New York Jets (1-3) 14 @ Buffalo (1-3) 17

TV: Rookie Trent Edwards leads the Bills to their 1st victory of the season. Too bad they play “Dem Cowboys” next week

JW: Prediction: A Boys/Bills Superbowl type beat down.

Baltimore (2-2) 13 @ Cleveland (2-2) 27

TV: I’m officially in the drivers seat for the "Start Kyle Boller Bandwagon"...who’s coming with me

JW: Plenty of seats still available.

St Louis (0-4) 7 @ Dallas (4-0) 35

TV: How bout them Cowboys…I haven’t been this excited about the boys since 95. Sorry Parcells Im getting out my anointing oil for Romo

JW: They need to sit Jones and play MBIII more.

Chicago (1-3) 27 @ Detroit (3-1) 37

TV: Same ol’ story Grossman with 3 more picks one returned for a touchdown….oops that was Griese

JW: Did anyone actually believe Kitna when he said they would win 10 games this year?

Oakland (2-2) 35 @ Miami (0-4) 17

TV: How great was it to see Culpepper shove it to the Phins by throwing 2 TDS and RUNNING for 3 TDS. Glad to see the Dolphins got their man in Trent Green.

JW: He's going to be starting in Philly next year while McNabb moves to Chi-town.

Green Bay (4-0) 23 @ Minnesota (1-3) 16

TV: Some guy named Favre set a record…he’s gonna be a good one

JW: Bring on the Kelly Holcomb era.

Seattle (3-1) 23 @ San Francisco (2-2) 3

TV: You thought Joey Harrington was dead….Trent Dilfer played QB for the Niners

JW: It's cool that they let people play postuhumously.

Tampa Bay (3-1) 20 @ Carolina (2-2) 7

TV: Cadillac screws my fantasy team 2 years in a row…Thanks

JW: No one cares about your fantasy team, but why draft him in the first place?

Denver (2-2) 20 @ Indianapolis (4-0) 38

TV: Manning throws 3 TD’s without Harrison who could be out for a few weeks

JW: This Brandon Marshall guy on Denver is looking pretty good.

Pittsburgh (3-1) 14 @ Arizona (2-2) 21

TV: How long till Leinart puts the moves on Warner’s Wife and break up the happy 2 QB System

JW: Have you SEEN Warner's wife? She looks exactly like him, like when people start to look like their pets.

Kansas City (2-2) 30 @ San Diego (1-3) 16

TV: Whew….Am I glad the Cowboys passed on Norv Turner in favor of Wade Phillips

JW: Worst decision a team has made since everyone passed over Brady till the 6th round.

Philadelphia (1-3) 3 @ New York Giants (2-2) 16

TV: Who would Philly fans rather have now McNabb or Garcia…wouldn’t make much difference with that offensive line

JW: I think LT would have gotten 12 sacks by himself. I'm not talking about the LT of the 80s, I think the 2007 version could have.

New England (4-0) 34 @ Cincinnati (1-3) 13

TV: Mike Vrabel needs to be eligible as a TE in Fantasy leagues

JW: 9 career receptions, 9 tds.