Monday, October 22, 2007

More from the world wide leader....

More from the World wide leader in sensationalism. ESPN is no doubt best at presenting one side of the story in order to get across the view they want. The latest case comes in the sudden band wagoning of the New York Giants. After the first 2 weeks "Team Turmoil" was getting hammered on ESPN. They had quit on their coach, had a bunch of divas, the locker room was a complete mess and they were 0-2. However, five weeks later the New York Giants are being called the best team in the NFC by two ESPN analysts(Mark Schlereth & Merril Hoge). Call me a Cowboy homer all you want but how does a team go from awful disappointment to best team in the conference by beating teams like the Jets, Falcons, 49ers and a real disappointing team the Philadelphia Eagles. Granted they did beat the Redskins who are a contender but the combined record of those four other teams is 6-20. Did I also mention 3 of the 4 games were played at Giants stadium? Oh, and I forgot the most important fact of this whole discussion...The Cowboys BEAT the Giants in week one by 10 points.

Another issue in the Giants vs. Cowboys debate is the tale of the two quarterbacks. Tony Romo gets criticized if he throws 5 TD's or 5 Ints. All Tony Romo has done is lead his team to the best record in the conference(6-1) while posting a QB rating of 95.6. He's 2nd in the NFL in Touchdown Passes, Passing Yards, Passing YPG, AVG Yards per attempt, 1st downs & 1st down %; trailing the amazing Tom Brady in all categories. I guess that's not enough though. On the other hand Eli Manning gets the "he's still developing" excuse. I keep hearing how Eli's finally putting it all together even though he's behind Browns QB Derek Anderson in all those categories besides Yards and 1st Downs. Keep in mind Anderson has played two less games then Eli and would be ahead had he even played one of those games. Maybe my bias is showing a little too much on this one. Maybe I'm reading too much into what two analysts had to say, but this is not the first and won't be the last time that our glorious "World wide leader in sports" uses sensationalism to present a story.