Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NFL Recap

BAL (4-3) 14 @ BUF (2-4) 19

TV: I’m sure McGahee was glad to get out of buffalo again this week. Trent Edwards might be the guy buffalo has been looking for since Jim Kelly

JW: Ray Lewis blasts Billick for passing the ball three straight times when they needed one yard for the first. Since they're primarily a running team Lewis said "You can't make oranges into peaches." Quote of the year folks.

TB (4-3) 16 @ DET (4-2) 23
TV: Earnest Graham looks like he may be able to carry the load. Bucs lost this game more than the Lions won it.

JW: Bucs lose KR Mark Jones for the season and WR Michael Clayton has a high ankle sprain.

ARI (3-4) 19 @ WAS (4-2) 21

TV: Why would AZ run a WR Option on a 2 point conversion?

JW: I'd like to see Tim Rattay throwing it around more so the shots of Kurt Warner's wife are limited.

ATL (1-6) 16 @ NO (2-4) 22

TV: Joey Harrington rides again….Does anyone care?

JW: Leftwich gets hurt while standing in the pocket like he's wearing cement boots...shocking.

SF (2-4) 15 @ NYG (5-2) 33

TV: Giants beat another crappy team, ESPN rejoices.

JW: As a reward they get to fly to London and play Miami.

TEN (4-2) 38 @ HOU (3-4) 36

TV: 8 FGS???? Special Team player of the week. Sage Rosenfels joins the list of backup QB’s to see action this year

JW: Rosenfels hadn't thrown 4tds in his career, let alone one game.

NE (7-0) 49 @ MIA (0-7) 28

TV: The New England Pats look like they are playing Madden out there, 42-7 at half…Are you kidding me?

JW: I'd like to hear what all those fantasy pundits who said don't draft Moss have to say.

NYJ (1-6) 31 @ CIN (2-4) 38

TV: I don’t think Pennington is the problem in NY, but what the hell make the change

JW: My Grandma could throw it farther from her walker than Chad can from the pocket.

KC (4-3) 12 @ OAK (2-4) 10

TV: Surprise 1st place team in the NFL: The Chiefs

JW: How long until we see Russell starting in Oakland?

STL (0-7) 6 @ SEA (4-3) 33

TV: Would the Rams win a game even if Steven Jackson was playing

JW: Alexander averaging 2.5ypc in his past 2 games. Terrible.

MIN (2-4) 14 @ DAL (6-1) 24

TV: Romo gets the bye to rest the hammy. MBIII is a beast

JW: If the Vikings had ANYONE back there besides Tavaris Jackson they would have won that game. Is Jay Fiedler still taking calls?

CHI (3-4) 19 @ PHI (2-4) 16

TV: Brian Griese with 703 passing yards in the past 2 games. Starting to hear whispers in Chicago about the other Adrian Peterson getting more time.

JW: The Moose gets a lot more looks from Griese than he got from Rex.

PIT (4-2) 28 @ DEN (3-3) 31

TV: Denver pulls themselves right back into the AFC West race

JW: How many more games can Denver win on last second field goals?

IND (6-0) 29 @ JAC (4-2) 7

TV: People are already looking forward to the week 9 showdown. Tough games await both teams this week though. Quinn Gray?

JW: Will the Jags fall out of the playoff race with their starting QB out for a couple weeks?